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   Pink Elephant Painting goes to great lengths to provide a safe environment for you and for your customers. To minimize disruption to your business, we offer solutions such as scheduling off business hours, creating separate entrances for our staff where possible, and providing proper signage to keep your customers informed of the work in progress. You need a professional painting contractor who will complete your project right the first time.
Pink Elephant specializes in the painting and servicing of: (but not limited to)
• Retail stores
• Restaurants
• Condominiums
• Churches
• Corporate Offices
• Factories
• Hospitals
• Schools

" Worked very well even after project changes and set backs, very pleased" 

Jim S. - Andover

Epoxy Coatings - Even the best-looking commercial buildings are expose to extreme weather variations. With giving time it affects the steel structural components of your facility, often causing severe deterioration and structural damage. To help protect your investment, you need a professional team that understands your needs—and has the capability to meet them. Epoxy coatings are well-known for their high durability, superior adhesion, resistance to heat and chemicals, excellent mechanical properties, and high electrical insulation properties. These coatings are typically used on:
• Steel (such as handrails and I-beams)
• Concrete
• Drywall and masonry
Steel, in particular, is highly susceptible to harsh environmental conditions. Water and saltwater, sunlight, and extreme hot or cold weather all contribute to the deterioration of steel. Epoxy coatings can protect your steel structural by preventing rust and corrosion, and also enhancing cosmetic appeal. Because UV rays can cause fading to the epoxy color and cause chalking, or deterioration, of the material, polyurethane is required to be applied as a topcoat for epoxy coatings that are Pink Elephant Painting has great experience working with epoxy and epoxy resins in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. We'll ensure that your coating is applied right the first time to deliver superior protection.
Elastomeric Coatings - are an outstanding protection for your business, there’s no question that your facility needs protection. No matter what the surrounding climate is, Commercial and industrial facilities are subjected to tremendous amounts of strain through exposure to the elements of nature. Over a period of time the sun, wind, and rain can damage your roof, which leads to potential structural damage to the building. 
 Water seepage can cause substantial structural damage and decay, while extreme temperatures and wind fades and cracks your structure. Waterproof coatings advantage? Elastomeric coatings are an excellent choice for waterproofing, as their 100% elastic properties allow them to bond to existing cracks in the substrate, extending with them to keep them covered. Because elastomeric can stretch and retain their form, they can also expand and contract along with the substrate in intense temperatures. Ideal for rougher surfaces such as bricks, stucco, concrete, and masonry, this coating also performs well with other types of industrial building materials. Pink Elephant will work with you to determine the best choice to protect your facility.

Pink Elephant Painting can help you provide the protection your roof needs, while allowing it to retain a like-new appearance for years

Fire Retardant/Intumescent Coatings YES, you've invested in a fire protection system that includes alarms, extinguishers, and fire safety protocols for your commercial facility, but is there more you can do? A fire-protective coating delays the spread of fire, allowing time for everyone to get out safely in the incident of disaster while significantly reducing damage to your structure.

Pink Elephant Painting can provide you with additional layers of fire-retardant and intumescent coating for your commercial and industrial projects that will help preserve your structure and, most importantly, help save lives.

Commercial and industrial painting projects require more groundwork than simply buying and applying paint. Through our many years of experience, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to planning, managing, and executing our projects which helps run smoothly, so we can complete the work on time and within the budget—without relying on shortcuts.

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