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Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy & Urethane Floors are systems developed to deliver the ultimate protection, easy maintenance and exquisite appeal. Its long lasting, sustainable floors can endure heavy impacts, aggressive chemical cleaning and high traffic foot areas. A variety of coatings are available for the protection and enhancement of your industrial and commercial facilities. You need a high-performance floor coating that can withstand your daily needs, applied by a professional team who understands your business inside and out. If your decks or flooring are showing signs of deterioration, you may benefit from a fresh, high quality floor coating. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your project.
Epoxy Systems can offer:
  •  Extreme durability in traffic and mechanical areas 
  •  Heavy impact resistance 
  •  Fire resistance 
  •  Thermal shock resistant in areas of extreme temperatures 
  •  Anti-Slip resistance 
  •  Rapid curing 
  •  Static controlling or static dissipative 
  •  Stain Resistant 
  •  Low VOC 
In an industrial setting, extensive foot traffic and heavy machinery lead to massive wear and tear on your flooring, and can even result in structural damage. With the additional damage caused by chemicals and spills, your floors are under constant, relentless beating. While industries strive to increase their productivity, much importance is placed on the cost efficiency for the entire production and manufacturing supplies of the facility.
Such as:
  •  Commercial & Administration Building 

  •  Residential Garage 

  •  Municipalities and Government Buildings 

  •  Retail Shops 

  •  Restaurants 

  •  Educational Institutions 

  •  Automotive Facilities 

  •  Manufacturing Facilities 

  •  Healthcare Institutions 

  •  Warehouses 

  •  Office Spaces 

  •  Athletic/Sports facilities 

  •  Aircraft Hangars 

  •  Food & Beverage Processing Industries (FDA &         USDA compliance)

  •  Pharmaceutical 

  •  Car Parking Garages 

  •  Technology Spaces 

  •  Auto Dealers Showrooms 

  •  Stadiums/ Arenas 

  •  Shopping Mall 

  •  Transport & Infrastructure facilities 

  •  Water & Power Plants

In most cases, we recommend epoxy-based floor coatings for industrial and commercial areas. These durable coatings systems are not only capable of withstanding immense 

pressure; they will also provide outstanding protection from heat and chemical 

damage. Anti-static and anti-skid flooring are also popular choices in industrial settings. 

Working with epoxy resins requires precise preparation and timing, or the effectiveness is 

greatly reduced. Our experience with epoxy and fast-dry epoxy coatings guarantees that 

your floors are right the first time. 

The experts at Pink Elephant Painting have extensive product knowledge and hands-on 

experience with industrial projects of all types. We’re familiar with the challenges related 

with industrial floor coatings, and we'll work with you to guarantee minimal business 

interruption and maximum satisfaction. 


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